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We've dedicated our lives to building Perth's fastest, safest and most efficient personal training and nutrition clinics... and guess what? ​​​​We just opened our 5th location right here in the heart of Duncraig!

Intense Health is a revolution in exercise and nutrition.  
It's hard to believe but at Intense Health it only takes 20 minutes, twice a week to tone up, build lean muscle and get your body back at our exclusive private, one-on-one health and fitness clinics.​

We have exclusive access to the world's most advanced strength training technology called "ARX Fit" and our "Interlude" training and nutrition methodology is helping hundreds of people in Perth to live stronger, healthier lives with more energy than ever before.

This is the same exercise technology used by Tony Robbins, Dave Asprey (Bulletproof Coffee), Ben Greenfield and the NHL ... and now you can have it too.

We've got a range of videos on this page the explain our systems in detail - have a look and don't forget to book your free trial today. 

Intense Health uses Exclusive ARX Technology Endorsed By:
It's time to evolve.
Imagine what life would be like if you walked tall - confident, healthy and strong. What could you achieve? What could stop you? Unlock your hidden potential and see what your body is really capable of. Here's how we can help you:
Improved muscle tone, strength and firm skin, so you can handle day to day life with ease and feel confident in your body. 
Helps prevent bone density issues – low force high intensity training is essential and helps to prevent complications due to demineralisation and osteoporosis.
Increased BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate), so your body has a greater natural “fat-burning” potential.
Increased functional ability – with an improved ability to deal with the stresses, strains and demands of everyday life.
Improved energy levels, so you can be more productive and focused. You'll enjoy living to a greater degree, knowing you've got plenty of energy in the tank for friends, family and loved ones.
Improved cardio-vascular fitness – optimisation of your heart and lungs ability to function and provide your body with the oxygen it needs.
At Intense Health your training sessions only last for 20 minutes.  Your trainer works with you, one-on-one, in our fully private, climate-controlled training clinic. We develop and implement your customised program using a combination of nutritional planning and the latest fitness technology called "Adaptive Resistance Exercise" which dynamically adjusts to your strength level and measures how you are performing at every second you train with us. This means we can give you direct, realtime feedback about your effort during your training session, so you can stay motivated and get results like you've never seen before. 

Dr. Christopher Pantin
Associate Professor UWA | Director, Absolute Dental Sleep Medicine

"I've been through every fad of exercise... and I've found that Intense is just a very time-efficient, effective way of training... By far this has given me the best results."

Renee Marcolina
38 Years old | Mum

"I've been with Intense Health for 12 weeks and I've lost 10 kilos, 15% body fat... The lifestyle change for me has been phenomenal."

Marty Reed
44 Years old | CEO

"I feel great. It's the fittest I've ever been since I was 20... I feel strong, fit, energetic... The great thing about Marcelo and Andreia is their focus on all aspects of health."

Harley Spick

29 Years old | ART DIRECTOR

"I have always been a fit person, training 5 days a week, but I always suffered injuries from over-training. Now I’m fitter than ever, no injuries and my mental state has never been better."
When you become a client at Intense Health, not only will you receive customised nutrition and exercise plans tailored to you and your unique goals, but all your training effort is quantified and displayed on a graph, so you can see exactly how strong you are and how you are improving over time. We are the only training facility in Australia that can give you this insight into your performance, thanks to our exclusive partnership with ARX Fit and the advanced Adaptive Resistance technology use in our systems.

You have to experience this for yourself to really understand how powerful this type of real-time feedback is at encouraging you to give your best effort in every session. When you do, you'll experience your true potential and our clients are often surprised at how much they improve their strength and fitness levels.

But we don't expect you to just take our word for it. We want to earn your trust and let you experience these benefits for yourself so you can make up your own mind - sign up for our free trial today and our team of experts will walk you though the whole process, step by step. 

Become the best version of "you" that you can be. 

You can achieve your health and fitness goals with us - whether you are having trouble finding the time to exercise, trying to get your energy levels back, looking to tone up or even if you're recovering after an accident. Our methodology and advanced ARX technology adapts to your unique conditions and is the safest and most effective form of exercise currently available in the market.

We have exclusive access to some of the world's most advanced fitness technology and 20 years of experience, having supervised over 40,000 personal training sessions. Our highly qualified team will walk you through every step of the process and show you the benefits of "Interlude Training" - our unique approach to fitness and nutrition that allows you to focus on only those activities that actually yields results. This allows you to get maximum results from the "minimum effective dosage" of exercise. ​​​​​

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