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Private, one-on-one personal training and nutrition designed to work with people who have busy schedules.

20 Minutes, Twice a Week,
​​​​​​​Backed By Science.

Introducing the "Interlude Training" methodology - Intense Health's unique combination of resistance training and nutritional science to help our clients get the most out of their training and nutrition.
We have exclusive access to ARX Fit Technology endorsed By:
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Personalised Strength Training and Nutrition

​​​​We know how difficult it can be to make time for regular exercise among family, work and life's other commitments. That's why training sessions with us require only 20 minutes, twice a week.

Our 20 years experience in exercise physiology and nutritional science means we can help clients of all ages and lifestyles to develop a customised training and nutritional program that works for them. 
We are an exclusive, private one-on-one health and fitness clinic with locations all around Perth
What do our clients say about us?
*Disclaimer: Please note, we track and measure everything about your fitness and nutrition meticulously at Intense Health. Individual results may vary from person to person.
Here's how it works
At Intense Health we don’t believe in gimmicks, hearsay or fads. We believe decisions about your health should be made on a scientific basis, with reliable information about you, your body and your progress.

Whether it's trouble finding the time to exercise, low energy levels, looking to tone up or even when recovering after an accident or prior injury, we can help. Our methodology is carefully adapted to each client's conditions, which means every session with us is unique and optimised 100% for each client.
We carefully measure and track every single aspect of your journey with us in detail - and we make adjustments to your customised program based on real data rather than assumptions. 
The machines we use at Intense Health allows us to meticulously measure your performance over time. Your strength curve is visible to you in real-time on a graph when you train. This allows you to "chase" your own performance and see exactly where you are improving your strength.
World-leading strength training technology.
Intense Health has exclusive access to ARX Fit Resistance Training Technology in Australia and New Zealand. These are the same systems used by people like Tony Robbins, Dave Asprey from Bulletproof Coffee, Ben Greenfield and other high achievers who want maximum results in a short amount of time, without risk of injury.
From a training perspective, our ARX Fit training systems allow us to quantify all the effort you’re putting into your training sessions, and plot your strength curve on a graph. 

​​​​​​​You can see this graph in front of you when you train, and we can even show you your past workout results in real-time so you can “chase yourself” and strive to achieve higher levels of fitness than ever before. No-one else in Australia or New Zealand can do this, thanks to our exclusive partnership with ARX.
Personalised Nutrition and Unlimited Body Composition Sessions Included
Andreia, our dedicated in-house dietician will develop a customised nutritional plan to suit your lifestyle and dietary requirements. You will receive a meal plan, shopping lists and a 3-hour nutritional seminar to educate you on how your body processes various types of food.
A fundamental element in your Intense Health journey is your nutrition. That’s why we have a dedicated dietician in-house to support our clients.

We use the latest Fit 3D Scanners and expert body composition measurements in all our clinics, so you can get real, actionable information about your composition at regular intervals.

​​​​​​​At Intense Health we believe nutrition and training go hand-in-hand, so our nutritional guidance (including unlimited body composition sessions) is included FREE of charge with your membership. 

The 3D scans will show you a detailed model of your body and can plot your results over time, so you can compare your results and definitively see exactly how your physiology is adapting to the customised training and nutrition program you undertake with us.
Our Founders, Marcelo and Andreia Mesquita
Intense Health was created by husband and wife team Marcelo and Andreia Mesquita, in Perth, Western Australia. 

Originally from Brazil, they both decided in their teens to dedicate their lives to achieve and experience the best quality of life for themselves and to help others do the same. 

Marcelo holds a Bachelor’s degree in Sports Training Specialisation. Andreia holds a degree in Nutrition and Dietetics.

Fighting the stigma of the health and fitness industry, their unique “Interlude Training” method has been trialled and tested over tens of thousands of private training sessions and nutritional consultations, and fine-tuned to achieve optimum quality outcomes without the usual time required in traditional exercise.

In an effort to challenge the way society understand health and fitness, Marcelo and Andreia developed a revolutionary new approach to training and nutrition.

Through combining innovative technologies, evidence based exercise and nutrition science, their clients are getting results, and keeping those results.
They’ve since supervised over 50,000 private training sessions and helped countless others just like you to get their bodies back in peak condition - inside and out - and live long, happy and productive lives.
5 Locations Across Perth
No matter where you live in Perth, there's an Intense Health clinic nearby and ready to help you achieve your goals.
Duncraig (Click for Directions)
Shop 8/59 Arnisdale Rd, Duncraig WA 6023

Applecross (Click for Directions)
31F Ardross St, Applecross WA 6153

Subiaco (Click for Directions)
11/3 Centro Ave, Subiaco WA 6008

Claremont (Click for Directions)
Unit 6 44/42 Gugeri St, Claremont WA 6010

Perth CBD (Click for Directions)
19 Howard St, Perth WA 6000

See it in action - Full Body Workouts on our ARX Machines
Skeptical about our 20-minute workouts or want to see how we can do a full body workout in the fastest and safest way possible? In these videos we'll demonstrate a range of exercises we can add to your program and we explain each of the components of our system in detail. If you still have questions, reach out to us at any time and we'll be happy to assist you.
Decline Press
Seated Row
Leg Press Time Static Contraction
Cable Row
Incline Press Time Static Contraction
Tricep Extension
Horizontal Press
Bicep Curls
Seated Row Rest Pause method
It's Time to Evolve
Imagine what life would be like if you walked tall - confident, healthy and strong. What could you achieve? What could stop you? Unlock your hidden potential and see what your body is really capable of. Here's how we can help you:
Improved muscle tone, strength and firm skin, so you can handle day to day life with ease and feel confident in your body. 
Increased BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate), so your body has a greater natural “fat-burning” potential.
Improved energy levels, so you can be more productive and focused. You'll enjoy living to a greater degree, knowing you've got plenty of energy in the tank for friends, family and loved ones.
Helps prevent bone density issues – low force high intensity training is essential and helps to prevent complications due to demineralisation and osteoporosis.
Increased functional ability – with an improved ability to deal with the stresses, strains and demands of everyday life.
Improved cardio-vascular fitness – optimisation of your heart and lungs ability to function and provide your body with the oxygen it needs.
Private, one-on-one personal training and nutrition designed to work with people who have busy schedules.

100% Customised Personal Training and Nutrition.

Contact Details
Duncraig (Click for Directions)
Shop 8/59 Arnisdale Rd, Duncraig WA 6023

Applecross (Click for Directions)
31F Ardross St, Applecross WA 6153

Subiaco (Click for Directions)
11/3 Centro Ave, Subiaco WA 6008

Claremont (Click for Directions)
Unit 6 44/42 Gugeri St, Claremont WA 6010

Perth CBD (Click for Directions)
19 Howard St, Perth WA 6000

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